Recently a press conference was held by Trump’s legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, to discuss their voter fraud allegations.

Giuliani, accompanied by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, presented the evidence they had found as a result of their two-week-long investigation.

Trump’s followers received the presentations with encouragement and hope that Trump could still win the election. However, the Democrats as well as several media outlets did not pay much heed to the conference and many have labeled it an ‘embarrassment’.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News has criticized the media for dismissing the conference. He explains that even though Giuliani did not have the proof for his claim that voter fraud was nationally coordinated, he still brought to light important issues.

He stated that at the conference, Giuliani showed an affidavit from an employee in Detroit who claimed voter fraud at the city’s polling stations.

He proceeds to further condemn reporters for not covering the publicly available affidavit. He believes that the media should provide facts and evidence to viewers and let them form their own opinions.

Giuliani made many other allegations at the conference that have not been proven yet. He stated that voters in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were allowed to change their ballots.

He claims that in Pennsylvania, Republicans inspecting the votes were not allowed near the mail-in ballots. He also proceeded to say that it’s difficult to verify mail-in ballots and they can be easily tampered with.

Giuliani is also against electronic voting because he believes it leaves a lot of room for fraudulent voting.

Powell’s claims were the highlight of the conference. She believes that rigged software run by international leftists was responsible for stealing 7 million votes from Donald Trump.

Carlson got in touch with Powell after the conference to invite her to his show to talk about the evidence backing this claim in detail. However, she did not comply.

After several requests, she asked the show’s team not to contact her again after this. The team also got in touch with a few members from Trump’s campaign; however, they claimed she had not provided any evidence for her claims before the conference.

Carlson believes that no matter who people have voted for, they should care about these issues as they are a threat to the country’s democracy and integrity.