Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has yet again issued the tips for traveling to the passengers. Flying is becoming a difficult mode of transportation as coronavirus cases are on the rise again.

The airline industry has suffered a lot because of the COVID-19 situation and therefore, they have advised the passengers to take precautions to revive the industry. People have been avoiding traveling by any means if not necessary.

The reason behind issuing new precautions is to prevent the spread of disease. But it remains a side benefit that the airline industry can be revived again by assuring the travelers that strict precautionary measures are taken.

Few people are traveling nowadays as many are avoiding travel by air and take alternative means. TSA has tried its best to assure them that they are being catered well enough at the airports and in the airplanes alike.

Travelers are recommended to bring a 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer. This is the first time that the TSA has allowed the passengers to bring liquids to the flight.

Face masks are undoubtedly the most important tip given by TSA to prevent the virus from spreading through aerial contact. But this does not mean that the passengers will not be asked to remove their mask for facial recognition at the checkpoints.

Washing hands is another tip that the TSA has directed to the people who wish to travel by air. It is important to wash hands regularly because there are multiple points of contact no matter how many precautions are taken.

Similarly, all the passengers are advised to maintain 6 feet distance from each other as this will allow them to contain the virus. Even if a person is a carrier of the virus, maintaining the social distance will allow other people to be safe from them.

All the precautions are being directed through the websites and other channels. This is done to assure people that TSA is taking this entire situation seriously and that air travel is safe and secure.