The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has taken the COVID-19 situation more seriously after the whistle-blower accused TSA of not taking the proper safety measures in this critical situation.

Observing the situation TSA’s Director, Jay Brainard, mentioned that the administration was not taking the precautions that were becoming hazardous for both the passengers and the officers? After the discussions with the Director, TSA has increased its precautionary measures in this regard.

TSA introduced new preventive measures, which included the use of eye protection to make sure that the officers are not exposed to the passengers at any point. The TSA officers are obliged to change their gloves after every encounter with any of the passenger’s belongings.

After the travel restrictions have been eased, the flow of passengers has increased overnight, and this means that the chance of the spread of disease is high. Seeing the current situation, the new procedural changes are implemented with immediate effect to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Brainard has repeatedly mentioned that these safety precautions will make air travel safe for all our passengers and employees alike. This will bring positive changes in the workplace as well.

The whistle-blower was concerned with the well-being of the employees and the passengers. He believed that the precautions were not sufficient as the employees were working in a highly exposed environment and the safety of passengers was also at risk.

After the restrictions were lifted, the increasing travel pointed in one direction, i.e., an increase in exposure to the virus. It was a necessity of the time to increase the precautionary measures.

Social distancing markers are put in place to make sure that the designated protocol of six-foot distance is maintained. Although it is unsafe for the passengers to carry liquids on the flight but seeing the current situation, they are allowed to take a 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer with them.

The effectiveness of recording temperature is still questionable as people don’t know how it can help in identifying the affected individuals. But TSA is obliged to carry out this process as well.