A pharmaceutical company based in California is facing a serious lawsuit alleging they did not warn their customers of the side effects of their product Truvada. People who have taken Truvada to treat their HIV or taken pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreEP) and suffer from kidney failure and bone density loss can take legal action against Truvada.

Truvada Lawsuit Against Manufacturer – Gilead

If you or a loved on suffers from kidney damage, broken bones or any other injury from taking Gilead’s Truvada, it is important to contact a lawyer for a free legal consultation. You may be able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused from taking their harmful drug.

What is Truvada?

Truvada is a widely used antiretroviral to treat people who test positive for HIV. It was approved by the FDA back in 2012. Truvada is also used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis to help reduce the risk of HIV infection. The drug contains 2 antiretroviral drugs: tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine.

Side Effects of Truvada

Truvada has been found to have serious side effects for many people. It is linked to kidney disease, renal failure and loss of bone density.

Here is a list of the possible side effects of Truvada:

  • Kidney disease – Kidney problems can be diagnosed with a blood or urine test. Untreated kidney problems can lead to kidney failure – reduced urine output, swelling of body parts (Feet, ankles, etc.) shortness of breath, drowsiness.
  • Bone damage – Weakened and loss of density of bones that become osteoporotic and in danger if fractures
  • Liver damage – Early signs of liver damage include dark urine, nausea, prolonged loss of appetite and stomach issues.
  • Lactic acidosis – A medical emergency caused by excess of lactic acid in the blood. Symptoms- unusual muscle pain, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeat, fatigue, dizziness.

Individuals who have suffered from bone injuries or kidney problems may qualify for compensation against Truvada. Recover past and future hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering – talk to an HIV attorney as soon as possible.

Should I File A Truvada Lawsuit?

It is time to take Big Pharma to court for the damage they caused to innocent Americans. They have a long history of hiding the truth from the public to save them money. The best tool we have against these corrupt companies is litigation. We must hold these corporations accountable for their negligence.

Gilead Sciences has made billions off of Truvada and have repeatedly downplayed the risks of their product to protect their profits.

If you or a loved one has taken Truvada or any TDF drug and have suffered it is time to speak up. Lawsuit Winning is an experienced HIV litigation firm that will advocate for you and help you claim compensation. Filing a claim is time sensitive and subject o strict statutes of limitation, so call today for your free case review.

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