The Democrats who act as “prosecutors” in the impeachment of former US President Donald Trump have sought to demonstrate that if Trump is acquitted, he could again cause unrest. Therefore, he must be impeached so that he is barred from running for Office again. This session concluded with the presentation of evidence by the prosecution. On Friday, the defense will begin their arguments to prove the innocence of the former President.

Rep. Ted Lieu, during his speech, emphasized the importance of impeachment, claiming that Trump was responsible for instigating violence at the Capitol, hence he must be held accountable for these acts.

Lieu further added that if Trump is not convicted, it would set an example for others to follow: come back elected, and do the same thing again. So, impeachment is important not only to rectify the past mistakes but to set the future path as well.

Democrats hold the point of view that Trump will cause damage in the future if not held accountable for his actions.

At the opening of the third day of the ‘impeachment’, the Democratic Congresswoman Diana DeGette showed the videos of January 6 in which Trump’s followers were seen marching towards the Capitol Building.

In the videos, one of Trump’s supporters is heard affirming that they had been “invited by the President of the United States” and that he called them to siege the place.

It is alleged that Trump had told them to go and they believed they would not face any punishment.

Prosecutors have provided videos in which Trump appears to justify the violence, including one from 2015.

They have also displayed images of the events that occurred in 2017 in Charlottesville, of the removal of a statue, which unleashed violence between white supremacists and protesters.

Though, Donald Trump has not shown any kind of remorse following the assault on the Capitol.

The impeachment managers also showed several images in which the assailants can be seen shouting “hang Mike Pence”, referring to the Vice President at that time, whom Trump has accused of not following his directives.

After seeing the images shown by the Democratic “prosecutors”, several Republican senators have said that they felt sad.

To convict Trump, a two-thirds majority is required. There are 100 seats in the Senate. The Upper House has 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, so all Democrats and 17 Republicans must vote in favor of the former president to be convicted.