Donald Trump stole the show by delivering one memorable line in the 90-minutes debate according to some people.

The first Presidential Debate out of the three that took place between the two candidates was focused on six main themes. Both of them debated on Covid-19, law and order, tax returns and other topics.

People were not much pleased with how the debate went. They are sad, angry and disappointed as both the individuals had no regard for the rules. Some even found it funny and could not believe these candidates were having a debate for the seat of the US President. Trump was seen interrupting Biden a lot whereas Joe Biden was seen to be a bit harsh with his language.

As both debated on improving the country’s economy, Biden reassured that he has a solid plan that would focus on workers and would not include Trump’s tax cuts. To this, Trump responded by questioning him as to why he didn’t do all of this up till now? What was he waiting for?

Joe Biden answered Trump by taunting him that he was screwing things up and that he is the worst President of America. Donald Trump came up with a line that at least made him win the round, if not the whole debate.

He savagely answered Biden and said that he couldn’t do as much in 47 years as compared to his contributions in 47 months. Despite interrupting Biden throughout the debate, this certainly gave Trump an upper hand. Trump further said that he also fixed the broken military that Biden gave him.

For the 50 years before the pandemic, the US had the lowest unemployment rate.

The former US ambassador, Nikki Haley, agreed with Trump tweeting Trump’s memorable line and stating that the case is closed here.

Talking about the Covid-19, Joe accused The President of risking a large number of people’s lives by not implementing a lockdown. To this Trump responded by saying that the Americans want this, they want to be back to their normal daily routines. He says that he has made a decision and people are proud of him for that.

It isn’t really clear who won the debate, but a lot of people have complaints regarding the caliber of the debate and demand a more strict policy to monitor such debates.