After receiving threats from groups that they might be organizing to cause agitation, President Trump warns those who want to disrupt his campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa’s Mayor George Theron Bynum who is a Republican announced an emergency and declared a curfew near the showground where President Trump will hold a campaign rally.

G.T Bynum states that he has received information from local Police Departments that the organized groups who were involved in destructive activities in other American states are planning to create unrest at Tulsa, Oklahoma rally.

On account of the information of threats, a curfew is imposed in the surrounding area of the rally from late night on Thursday to early morning on Saturday on the day of the rally. And it will be imposed again at the end of the rally late Saturday to early Sunday.

During the curfew, people won’t be allowed to walk, run, or stand on the highway, street, public property, or unoccupied premises within the locality of curfew.

The order arrived due to the nationwide protest that intensified into destructive riots on the death of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, by Police.

Bank of Oklahoma Center has asked for a written outline from Trump’s campaign rally, on how they will incorporate rules of social distancing and health and safety measures necessary to prevent coronavirus.

According to Trump’s administration, about a million people registered to attend the rally on a first come first serve basis. All the participants will be asked to sign a waiver that Trump’s campaign will not be responsible in case someone is exposed to coronavirus.

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale said that this rally is much different from others. Although the arena can accommodate 20,000 people, an outer boundary fence will allow more amounts of people to attend.

He said that the rally will be more like a festival or a convention and there will be multiple spaces where the president can address the crowd.