After the tragic death of George Floyd, a Minnesota black man, all hell broke loose in many states of the country as protestors swarmed the streets. Floyd was killed by a police officer who had forced him to the ground for 10 minutes with his leg on Floyd’s neck.

This incident devastated millions of people and led to the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. These protests quickly turned violent with protestors physically harming police officers as well as looting many stores leaving them in a wreck.

President Donald Trump had enough and during a call with the state governors on Monday, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the way they were handling the protests in their respective states. He said that the majority of them were weak and needed to start arresting people to show their dominance.

The president further went on to say that the governors would be wasting their time if they did not take quick dominating action. If they failed to do so the protestors would continue to cause havoc in the country without any fear of accountability and the governors would just end up looking like jerks.

Trump suggests that the only right action to take against the demonstrators under these circumstances is that of force. He promised to set a historic example of doing so in D.C by tracking down protestors and putting them away for 10 years to scare away future protestors from doing the same.

William Barr, the Attorney General, also advised local law enforcement officials to track down protestors who were causing a lot of trouble using a terrorist task force while leaving peaceful crowds. Another solution the president gave to states like Los Angeles and New York is to call the National Guard to quickly dissolve the violent protests like it successfully did in Minneapolis.

By not using the much-needed help of the National Guard the governors would end up looking like fools according to Trump. However, demonstrators did not react well to the president’s demands and ended up in front of the White House on Friday.

At this point, Trump was quickly taken to an underground bunker by the Secret Service in order to ensure his safety.