As the time draws near to bid adieu to the White House, President Trump’s team is busy finalizing the names of the last batch of individuals to receive a pardon from the President, a passing out ritual that every out-going president follows.

According to the sources, the discussions are underway for a self-pardon but nothing has been materialized yet.

President Trump may face legal battles against himself regarding many offenses that he was deemed responsible for while serving the office, but if he pardons himself, constitutionally he can’t be convicted for any of the felonies charged against him. None of the outgoing presidents has practiced the power of self-pardon before, though it can be exercised constitutionally.

Back in 2018, Trump had hinted at self-pardoning himself and had been discussing this prospect with his family and close allies. Initially, he had wished to pardon himself, his family, and his close legal advisor Rudy Giuliani – Mayor of New York City – but following the criticism, he has received in the wake of Capitol Building Siege; he might not exercise this leverage.

Many political experts have come out against this act as it violates the basic rules and regulations; that is no one should be the judge of his own actions.

President Donald Trump is planning to issue around 100 pardons on his final working day in the office. His name is not on the list yet, but, he is President Trump, YOU NEVER KNOW!

After the siege of Capitol Hill, the close advisers to President Trump have advised him not to self-pardon as that will make him look guilty in front of the nation.  They have further advised him not to grant any kind of leniency to the people involved in planning the siege on the Capitol.

After all, the big question remains: WILL DONALD J. TRUMP, the 45th President of the United States of America will pardon himself or not?

The answer is MAYBE!! He’s Donald Trump after all. Anything can happen at the eleventh hour. Till the time he is in Oval Office as President; the whole world will remain dubious about what decision he makes.