As the Election Day approaches, both candidates are putting their strong foot forward. Trump was seen to be very active on his Twitter account by engaging his audience on social networks.

Recently, we’ve seen Trump post a meme about Biden on his Twitter account. Now we can see him making remarks on Biden’s character.

A couple of days ago, on Thursday, Twitter suspended Trump’s account. Trump’s official social media account manager, Mike Hahn, posted an official Twitter notice showing how the account had been locked.

The official notice further stated how Trump had defied the Twitter policy. He stated his competitor as a liar, and that he had been ripping off the country for years.

New York Times posted the story on their front-page underlining accusations on Biden of meeting Vadym Pozharskyi, and Trump posted the insinuations that Biden had abused his powers as vice president.

Biden had previously withdrawn from any kind of involvement related to his son’s business.

All this propaganda dates back to 2016 when Russian hackers posted several democratic emails involving corruption on the part of the current president.

Most of this slander has been dealt with as part of the election campaigns. Moreover, this recent trend has been seen to prevail in US politics like spreading false news on social media platforms.

A similar incident occurred when the unprofessional investigation of Rudy Giuliani resulted in Trump’s indictment.

No matter what the allegations have been revealed to date, there has been no confirmation of Biden’s involvement in the cases.

Biden’s party statements show that the newspaper had not consulted them for any inside or conformation of the news. Hence, there is no credibility.