A house in St. Clair Shores, Michigan was bombed recently. The resident of the house believes he was the target of the attack because of his political beliefs as he is a staunch Trump supporter.

According to the surveillance footage, a man was seen sprinting towards the house and throwing an explosive. A second explosive was also thrown at the house by a man that appeared to be inside a pickup truck and ran out towards the house.

The resident of the house, who requested to remain anonymous, expressed that he was terrified because his house was shaking and there was smoke everywhere. He was reportedly on the second floor of his house with his girlfriend when the bombing took place.

He narrated the incident explaining that smoke had started spreading through the house and he quickly instructed his girlfriend to get their dog and run out of the house.

He also proceeded to explain that he was sure there were two separate explosions. He stated that the first sound seemed like a transformer exploding, however, the second explosion resulted in the house quaking and smoke clouding up.

In addition to this, the window was smashed and blown out with large amounts of smoke spilling out. He was confused about what was going on, whether something had caught fire. He also mentioned spotting a truck speeding down the road.

He called 911 immediately and waited for the police to arrive. Even though the house had not caught fire, the explosion had caused considerable damage to the mortar.

The bombing is currently under investigation by the St. Clair Shores Police Department. According to the fire department, in addition to the front window, there was also significant damage to the house from the inside.

According to security footage, the culprits were white males who used a lit firework explosive to bomb the house. Their car was a Ford F-150 pickup which they used to escape the scene of the crime. It was reported that neither of the residents was injured in the bombing.

The homeowner suspects that his house, which is in a relatively safe and quiet neighborhood, was targeted because he is an active Trump supporter and he has a sign displayed on his house that is always up. He has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who will provide him with information about the bombing.