Trump is desperately attacking the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI for showing a lack of attention to the election rigging. He expressed his views on DOJ and FBI in one of the recent telephonic interviews on a renowned TV network.

Trump has shown reservations on both these departments and he even regretted stating this on live television. His complaints are often disregarded, as the election cases are not being investigated properly.

Recently, one of his cases was dismissed in Pennsylvania and this is cornering Trump to give up his claims. The world is going to see the change in the Oval Office and Joe Biden’s transition team has already started working.

Amidst the transition period, Trump’s allegations on the two of the most important departments are to be taken seriously. He has been the president for the past four years and his knowledge can damage any department’s reputation.

He has been claiming that the election procedures are not reliable and that they need to replace some procedural practices. Republicans are worried about their Senate elections and they are looking forward to it.

Whereas Trump claims that there is not going to be any Senate member appointed in the future if Republicans let this go. He has pointed out the states where he thinks the elections were not conducted fairly.

America is a free state, and he demands a free and fair trial to each of his claims in the Supreme Court. This is the reason that he showed his anger over the DOJ and FBI who are working tirelessly as well.

Election year is always challenging for the country, but Trump’s attitude towards the results is making it more difficult. Trump is reluctant to show any signs of understanding that the elections were fair.

He has cleared that he will not bend the knee as he believes that the elections were rigged. But the fact that he is only upset about the states he lost in is making less sense to the audience.

Trump has devoted himself to make sure that he proves his claims in courts. The entire country is watching this period closely and how this will change the course of history.