President Donald Trump has threatened that he could break off all kinds of bonds with China, the way they have handled the spread of the global pandemic.

He said in an interview that although he has a good relationship with the Chinese president, he would not hesitate in cutting them off. Blaming China for the COVID-19 outbreak, he said he does not want to talk to the Chinese government either.

He said that cutting off economic ties with China would be good for the U.S. they would be saving $500 billion. This was the additional import from China that the U.S. had been doing and he said that it would be a good time to cut it off.

He further said that it was very irresponsible of the Chinese government to have let the virus spread globally. They could have intervened to stop the spread but they did not choose to.

Not just Trump but the whole American government is finding ways to blame China and its irresponsibility in letting this pandemic go on a global scale. They believe that they had not provided the world with enough information regarding the virus when it originated in the province of Wuhan.

The U.S. officials have blamed the Chinese administration without any solid evidence for creating the virus in one of their research centers. They also suggest that the Chinese have the cure to it otherwise how were they able to control its spread from Wuhan to the rest of China.

While the whole world suffers, China has been able to keep its number of cases and deaths under control.

Trump later said that it was not necessarily bad intent on the Chinese side but their lack of responsibility and inability to control it caused the virus to spread globally and cause such damage worldwide.