The coronavirus has led everyone to miss their former lives and what is now referred to as the ‘old norm’. This includes American president Donald Trump who has recently been getting nostalgic over sports.

As a regular attendee of sports events, Trump has been reminiscing over memorable baseball matches in the stadium. He expressed his annoyance over having to watch old baseball matches in the little free time he gets, and decided to do something about it.

The president called to arrange an online conference with many prominent sport figures and committees to discuss the future of sports including Todd Rickets, Roger Goodell, and WWE. After this call, Trump announced that America’s favorite sports would be returning to stadiums, however, with the absence of an audience.

While this decision has been taken to bring back an important and valued form of entertainment, it is not the only reason. The president also sees the revival of sports and America’s love for it as a way to get the country’s economy up on its feet again.

Initially, these games will start with no fans in the ground, and the only way to watch these matches will be on television. According to Trump, this will serve as a throwback to the old times when everyone would be huddled in front of TV screens to watch their favorite games.

He went on to say that this will only be temporary as the plan is to open stadiums to the public as soon as the number of cases reduces to a manageable amount. Naturally, this will be done by observing proper corona SOPs like only allowing a limited number of people inside and seating them far apart.

This will allow long awaiting sportsmen the chance to get back on the field again and play for the numerous fans that have been missing them. Sports organizations were very pleased and grateful to Trump for focusing so much on their industry and putting in the necessary efforts to revive it.

To show their gratitude, the leaders of these organizations also presented several innovative ideas to ensure that social distancing protocols are properly met. This will keep the public and the athletes safe and allow the games to keep going.