Following the tragic murder of a black Minnesota citizen, George Floyd, Trump spoke up about the situation in a tweet on Wednesday. President expressed his grief over the situation while he was on his way to Florida for the SpaceX rocket ship launch and ensured the nation that he is working on getting justice served.

Bystanders started to film the horrifying incident on Tuesday of a police officer having his leg on Floyd’s neck on the ground while he screamed out that he could not breathe. This went on for a while until Floyd suddenly stopped moving and upon checking his pulse, he was found dead.

Trump wrote that he has requested the Department of Justice as well as the FBI to investigate the events surrounding this very tragic death of Floyd. This was tweeted after Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, called out the Civil Rights Division of the DoJ to look into Floyd’s death.

Biden believes that the black man’s death proves how deeply ingrained racism and injustice are in the system and how to this day it strongly prevails in the country. This act does not in any way align with the nation’s belief to give equal rights to all its citizens but only further threatens black communities and solidifies fear in them.

He went on to say that it was a good decision taken by the police department to fire the police officers involved in the murder. However, he believes it is not enough punishment for the heinous act and further justice needs to be served.

The incident has created a huge uproar in the nation and led to many protests chanting that black lives matter and need to be treated equally and respectfully. The Attorney’s Office in Hennepin Country expressed their deep sorrow and shock over the situation and vowed to treat the case with fairness.

State law enforcement authorities along with the FBI are now investigating if Floyd’s was intentionally stripped of his human rights by those police officers or if something else happened. If the officers are found guilty the cases will be handled in Minnesota’s Attorney Office.