After the news of harassing the US warships in the gulf area was spread all across the world, Trump advised their Navy to respond. He had instructed to shoot the Iranian Gunboats if such an incident happens again.

Trump has time and again made the headlines with his controversial tweets. But this tweet is more of a debate than a controversy.

In many sectors of the country, this tweet was a well-appreciated response to Iran as they are creating a disturbance in the region. The Pentagon has welcomed this tweet from the President himself.

According to the Pentagon, this timely response from the US president can help to contain Iran in the Gulf region. This can help the US warships to mobilize freely in the region.

As harsh as this tweet may sound, but it completely narrates the entire military policy of the Trump administration on Iran. But the tweet certainly does not cite any particular incident and does not indicate any change in the policy either.

American warships were not disturbed by Iran once or twice, but this has been happening in the region for a while now. This is the reason that when this news was spread across the world, it was time for the US President to respond.

The exact words of Trump may be difficult for many to digest especially for the countries in the Gulf region. But these words are not coming out in the heat of the moment, but as a tactical response to keep an upper hand on Iran.

There were reportedly 11 Iranian warships that were involved in the harassment of the US warships. This kind of attitude is not acceptable on any forum let alone in the region where Iran dominates.

The official page of the US 5th Fleet issued the videos of the Iranian warships approaching the US warships in the Gulf region. This indicates that the tension between the two countries is nowhere to be settled.

The Twitter response of the President may have triggered by the Iranian leadership as well but there has been no vocal response from them yet. The situation is seemingly under control, but little can say on the situation as of now.