On Wednesday, Donald Trump expressed his desire to resume businesses to ‘get Americans back in routine’. After reports of the White House drawing the Covid-19 task force to close, Trump took to twitter to clarify the situation.

He stated that the task force would be operating for an undefined period, but for now, it will concentrate more on ‘reopening’ the country securely.

In a series of tweets on May 6th, Trump praised all the work the task force has undertaken so far, under the leadership of Vice President Mike Pence. Previously scarce, high-quality ventilators are now being manufactured in excess- the surplus being exported to foreign countries in need of them.

Not just that, the task force has also produced thousands of face shields, gloves, masks, and medical gowns. With the best tests and highest testing rates in the world, their effort must be applauded.

He concluded his tweets by stating that Americans must leap of faith. They must allow the force to redirect their efforts towards opening up America.

After these tweets, VP Mr. Pence shared that discussion about winding up the group was being tackled. The proposal was to replace the task force with different agencies, FEMA being a popular choice; however, this was not to happen anytime soon.

The Taskforce has also conducted regular briefings to update citizens on the spread of the virus as well as the measures being taken against it. However recently, these briefings have been discontinued as Trump faced constant criticism for not providing significant information.

The members included the Director of the NIAID, as well as the Secretary at HHS. Further, we have the Surgeon General of the United States, the administrator of CMS, and the Director of CDC among others.

The White House official claimed that the task force will work in alliance with medical practitioners to ensure that the latest health guidelines are being met.

The Right-Wing was quick to critique Trump’s government for its decision to end the task force. The Democratic majority leader Mr., Hoyer, saw this as an attempt to downplay the severity of the virus.

During a mask factory visit, Trump defended himself by stating that the focus on the pandemic will remain just the same, however, the country cannot stay shut forever.