One of the many ways of disrupting a system is to voice problems that barely exist. A good example of this is the “Voter Suppression” strategy being played by US President Donald Trump.

Voter suppression is essentially increasing barriers for voters to exercise their right to vote in the form of unnecessarily strict laws. In a few of his speeches, President Donald Trump shows concern over “rigged” elections.

Critics say that his goal is to cause mistrust in the minds of the American people regarding the voting system. The lesser the voting populace, the higher the chances of winning elections.

The U.S Postal Service was supposed to get emergency funding worth $25 billion to facilitate mail-in voting. Mail-in voting would allow people to vote even when the entire country faces the coronavirus pandemic.

However, President Trump claimed that he would never fund the U.S Postal Service because the Democrats seek mail-in voting expansion. This proves his and the Republicans’ blatant intention to suppress votes in this year’s elections.

The Republicans have tried their best to discourage American voters for years through less explicit tactics compared to earlier times. These tactics involve a list of strict measures like voter ID requirements, early voting limits, purging voter rolls, etc.

All this had been successfully hidden under the cover of “Fraud Prevention” which barely exists. His sudden mistrust contradicts was his recent positive views regarding mail-in voting in Florida.

These complications have led American citizens to wonder whether they will vote from home or risk their lives to vote outside. It seems obvious that the American voter seems pretty fragile at this point.

There are now various petitions being signed online that demand mail-in voting to ensure safe voting. Republicans are trying their best to completely comment on the subject other than bogus claims of “Fraud.”