Donald Trump recently called out fellow presidential candidate, Joe Biden, for wanting to decrease funding to the country’s law enforcement departments. The issue came up after a black Minnesota citizen, George Floyd, tragically died at the hands of a police officer, creating a huge uproar in the nation against the police.

Large Black Lives Matter protests started throughout the country and one of their main demands is to defund the police as they are failing to effectively perform their civic duties. They are also badly mistreating minorities like the black communities after multiple accounts of black deaths by police officers while doing harmless activities.

Trump tweeted out saying that he wants there to be proper order and law enforcement in the country, where the officers are well paid. On the other hand, ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden is supporting the foolish notion of wanting to defund police which would only result in more chaos in the country.

Biden has actively been supporting protestors in their mission to stand up against the racism and violence present in the police systems. However, he has never asked for the police to be defunded instead he wants there to be more effective law enforcement and vows to do so if wins the presidential elections.

Biden also suggested a more realistic solution to the problem which is to implement proper community-minded policies that are also effectively implemented. This means that the government needs to provide the necessary resources to police departments to ensure stricter reviews of their practices regarding hiring, training, and de-escalation.

This will greatly help ensure that only just, responsible and disciplined people are hired to enforce the law. Biden has given his word that if he becomes president, he will be dedicated to forming a commission of national police oversight in 100 days’ time.

While Biden’s own words contradict Trump’s accusations against him, more people join the movement to bring down the flawed police system. A Minnesota representative, Ilhan Omar, and city council member, Jeremiah Ellison, also spoke up against the police.

They tweeted saying they are in favor of not only dismantling the Minnesota police department but also coming up with new and innovative ways as substitutes to enforce the law.