Trump has played an important part in changing the face of America in the eyes of the world. His consequential policies show that he has little concern for the political norms as he was impeached twice during his tenure.

He has shown no mercy when it comes to foreign policy and has taken a strong stance on the immigrants’ policy as well. His judicial appointments are one of the consequential decisions that will haunt the judicial system of America for years to come.

When it comes to immigrants in America, Donald Trump was skeptical about their presence in the country as they burdened the economy. His beliefs were given a physical existence when America started building a wall across the Mexican border that even separated families.

It is believed that his decisions are going to impact every walk of life for years to follow. Even if Joe Biden can overturn multiple policies made by Donald Trump, it will still have a devastating impact.

The biggest failure of all in the previous year was that Trump’s administration was slow to respond to the COVID-19 situation. He even neglected all the precautionary measures given by the healthcare department and held large rallies for his election campaign.

Failure to make substantial changes to the healthcare sector of the country shows us the capability of Donald Trump. The only silver lining in the previous year was when the vaccines were approved by the FDA for the public rollout.

Donald Trump went as far as banning people from different countries who enter the United States of America. Although the courts have to jump in and upheld the decision made by Trump as a negative image of America was portrayed.

Trump’s era can be regarded as an economic growth era, but it was severely hurt by the coronavirus. Millions of Americans lost their job as the coronavirus was spreading across the country and Trump’s administration failed to respond promptly.

The biggest highlight of Trump’s policies for trade was exiting the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This increased the prices of metal as steel and aluminum tariff war was waged against the key US trading partners.

Donald Trump had little regard for climate change and therefore, he pulled the plug from the Paris agreement. Despite all the policies that suggest that Trump’s administration field, he was able to bring change in the education sector.