Trump seems unhappy with his fellow Republicans and demands dismissal of the current leadership. He regarded them as failures and wants them to be replaced with those who are willing to win.

Accepting defeat in the 2020 presidential elections is not easy for Trump. However, many Republicans are putting their guard down as Biden is getting ready to take over the White House.

Trump cannot relax and accept his defeat and therefore he has gone to several courts for appeal. But the courts did not find any proof that can be worthy enough to overturn a public vote.

Mitch McConnell was the recent target as Trump blames that the Republicans are hurriedly accepting their defeat, and this does not reflect well on the party.

Trump has been identifying the news channels that supported him in the presidential campaigns. In their bias, they even presented certain documents that may have proved that elections were not fair.

But these documents never made it to the court and Trump believes that these documents got stolen from him. Trump pointed out the year-long failures on the Republican’s part and tweeted about them publicly.

His attempts to get courts involved in the election were not fruitful and then the Electoral College was not in his favor either. His entire tenure will be on one side and his attitude towards his defeat on the other because he is behaving irrationally, which is unprecedented.

After the Electoral Vote came in, the Republicans were happy to accept the defeat and move on. While Trump was still angry at the fact that they are giving in easily.

He wants the leadership to be gone as soon as possible because they are no good to the progress of the Republicans, whereas in the meantime Joe Biden prepares to get the Oval Office the next month.

Republicans believe that they have given their sincere support to Trump over his stance. However, it is now better for the country’s economy and prosperity that they must take a step back. Moreover, they have left the decision on Trump, whether he wants to leave the office straightforwardly or he demands a forced exit.

In any way, the country is not going to derail its democracy. Democracy is one thing that the entire country presents to the world and this cannot collapse because of an individual’s demands and alleged claims.