On Sunday, President Trump did not hold back in any way to defame the former U.S president, Barack Obama. He accused the former President of being involved in the investigation of his first national security advisor, Michael Flynn, and unfairly accusing him of crimes he did not commit.

After the dismissal of Flynn’s case by the Justice Department of Attorney General William Barr, Trump felt very victorious that Obama’s attempt at bringing his administration down had failed. He expressed this in a retweet of a person who had posted a picture of Obama looking stressed with the caption ‘Obamagate’.

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, believes that the FBI tried its best to lay out a trap for him and keep their investigation a secret. She is of the view that the whole thing was set up at the White House in 2017 when Obama met with the FBI director, CIA director, and National Intelligence director.

Obama also spoke up about the matter on Friday saying that there is no such case in history in which a person accused of perjury has just been set free without any charge. He said that this raises greater concerns for the credibility of the country’s justice systems and if such instances continue it could lead the nation down a rocky path.

Other Democrats like Jerrold Nadler have also shared Obama’s views saying that the decision taken in favor of Flynn is completely ridiculous. This is because there were numerous and strong pieces of evidence of Flynn’s collusions with Russia, including the fact that he had himself admitted to lying to the FBI.

It is also indicative of the influence Trump has over the Department of Justice, specifically over the Attorney General Barr, making it a corrupt institution. Of course, Trump defended himself against these claims by saying that Flynn was always innocent and was only targeted to ultimately bring down Trump himself.

Obama also criticized the way the president has handled the pandemic saying that Trump made the situation disastrous by putting the lives of U.S citizens second to his gains. The Director of Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, defended Trump by saying he took smart response discussions after discussing it with different states and private sectors.