On 7th May, the Supreme Court dismissed the fraud charges filed against the ex-New Jersey officers. All state convictions made against the aides of Mr. Christie: Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni were ruled down.

The two officials had been prosecuted for shutting down lanes on the George Washington Bridge saying that it was for a study. In reality, SC confirmed that the blockade was done to avenge the mayor of Fort Lee for his lack of support in Christie’s 2013 re-election campaign.

This came to be known as the Bridgegate scandal.

On Friday, Trump criticized the Justice Department of Obama’s Government for pursuing the case against the former Republican governor of NJ. Mr. President was, however, pleased to know that the SC concurrently turned down the convictions of both Kelly and Baroni.

Although Trump viewed these indictments as a permanent taint to the ex-governors political career, he believed that Christie would eventually bounce back from it.

The SC stated that corruption in the Bridgegate case was evident. Nonetheless, the court had to reverse the suit as the violation did not come under the federal fraud laws the suspects were charged for.

The lane blockage by Christie’s confederates did not aim to acquire money or property which is a prerequisite for impeachment under the federal fraud statutes. Judge Kagan, therefore, stated that the SC could not penalize the individuals involved.

The bridge propaganda was covered up with the help of a Port Authority officer, lying that the shutdown was part of a traffic study. While the accomplice, Mr. Wildstein confessed to the crime, Kelly and Baron were sentenced by a jury.

Federal attorneys argued that the fraud statues were fulfilled since both aides tried to seize physical portions of the bridge. They further tried to gain Port Authority funds to pay traffic experts and toll collectors for their help in the ‘study blockage’.

However, Kagan stated that although the blockade was a misuse of power, the funds were just a means to an end.

Christie, who was afraid that the controversy surrounding him would negate his 2016 presidential aspirations, praised the court’s decision. He announced the SC’s decision has refuted the allegations against Bill, Bridget, and other administration members.

Chris concluded by saying that justice has been served.