As the United States Presidential elections approach, both candidates are playing all the cards they’re left with, to gain an edge.

Donald Trump once again demands a drug test to be taken by Joe Biden before the ultimate debate. He says that he’s down to take a test, so should Joe.

While talking to the media, Trump argued that Joe Biden might be taking drugs as he does not understand how he was so terrible and out of the line in one debate that made everyone think he cannot continue and suddenly he was fine in the next debate against Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump mocks that the Americans cannot select low energy president, while taunting Joe Biden for having such low energy on 24th September.

He taunted Biden, saying that someone told him that Joe won’t be able to perform well in the debate, to which Trump responded that it would be okay, he’ll take a big shot and with that, he’ll be all pumped and full of energy, he’ll have superpowers for like 15 minutes.

Many people have also commented on the behavior of the former vice president which seemed fishy. He made no sense when he claimed that it has been 180 years since he got to the senate. He was also seen breathing heavily and struggled to talk on TV.

To Trump’s accusation, Joe Biden responded by saying that he will use words to win the people, unlike Trump who has to rely on such odd strategies to win. He further added that it makes sense that such a thing is coming from a person who did not do anything to protect the lives of 200,000 Americans.

Biden ignored the reporter when questioned about the test on Sunday.

Although some people think that Joe could be using drugs after witnessing his odd behavior, many think that it just might be that Donald Trump is nervous about the elections and he is looking for ways to get a lead.

Trump is behind in most national and swing polls, so this might be a desperate attempt to gain an advantage over his opponent.

Both the presidential candidates are set to face each other in a debate for the first time in September at Case Western Reserve University.