Former President Donald Trump plans to campaign against Senator Lisa Murkowski, an elected Republican from Alaska blasting her as a “disloyal and a bad senator” in a statement over the weekend.

He claimed that she was a failed candidate from the great state of Alaska and under no circumstances he would endorse her. She has represented the state poorly, and in a larger frame has brought bad light to the country. She voted for radical advancement supported by Democratic Deb Haaland, the Secretary of Interior, and has led Trump to become furious.

This is not the first time Donald Trump has thrashed Lisa Murkowski openly in public. The conflicts between the two date back to a time when Donald Trump was contesting for the presidency the second time. In June 2020, Lisa had reportedly told reporters that she was struggling to support Trump as president in lieu of the way he has handled the protests in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, and made the issue go haywire.

Lisa Murkowski was also one of the seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump in the impeachment trial related to the Capitol Building riots on January 6, 2020. She has held her seat since 2002 and has been a long-term critic of Trump and his policies. She also tangled with him at the Supreme Court, opposing him in the replacement case of the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg just before the general elections of 2020. She had also voted against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court bench.

Donald Trump has commissioned his team to start working on unseating the Alaskan senator next year. He called her out in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) also. He named and shamed all the Republicans who voted for his conviction in the impeachment trial.

It is quite evident now that the Republican party is and will remain under the influence of Donald Trump. His endorsement matters a lot for the senators who plan to contest again next year for the house. However, it will not be easy to unseat Lisa Murkowski as she is the incumbent Senator from Alaska. She is clearly the favorite of the public and she is not worried at all regarding the Republican nomination battle. She knows that her vote against Trump might have a devastating effect on her political career, but she could not live with the guilt all her life. Therefore, she is ready to face any consequences.