As soon as President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was unlocked, he posted a video condemning the heinous attack on the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Trump addresses the nation and asked people to stay calm and help the new administration rebuild the economy and control the pandemic. As the date of the transition of power inches closer; Trump announced that the transition will be seamless and smooth. Though he stated that no grudges remain at his end and he finally concedes the election, but the damage has been done. The aftermath of the Capitol Building siege will appear in the days to come, as protesters were seen attacking the building and causing wreckage while violating the law.

Trump declared that Congress has certified Joe Biden as the newly elected president of the USA, he has conceded and condemns the attackers who stormed the Capitol Building and shattered it. The notable thing in Trump’s video address is that nowhere he took the blame for instigating the protesters to become violent. He only told his supporters that he was disappointed and disgusted with the mayhem caused, but yet he wants to tell everyone that the journey has just begun, completely ignoring the fact that this all started with his speech in the Save America Rally.

This declaration of condemnation might be too late and a face-saving act by Donald Trump. As his account was suspended for 12 hours because of his igniting views and hate speech. First Twitter and then Facebook took the action of disabling his account to stop him further fuelling the whole carnage.

Facebook went a few steps further and said that Trump’s account will remain suspended for at least two weeks or indefinitely. Instagram also implemented the same restriction on Trump.

The damage was not only done to the property but several people lost their lives including one police officers. He got injured during the clashes with the rioters and was hospitalized since the episode but sadly passed away.