A report published by the NY Times reveals that Trump has been evading tax. The NY Times managed to get their hands on the tax history of more than two decades of Donald Trump.

The NY Times issued a report on Trump’s tax returns alleging that the president pays relatively less tax. Trump responded to the allegation by saying that he spent more money in those years than he made.

After the news was made public, Donald Trump raised questions about the credibility of the NY Times. He termed it another malicious campaign planned against him using illegally obtained information. He said that the NY Times is just trying to put him down.

The President pointed out a report that was released in 2016. The report states that he lost 1 billion dollars on his tax returns of 1995 and he could get away without paying any tax for 2 decades.

An amount of $421 million in debt and loan has to be paid by Trump as the due date approaches. When questioned about paying such low taxes, he negated and said that everything will be revealed when the time comes.

Trump also claims that he does not receive his salary voluntarily and he’s the only one to do that. But this is not a fact as Herbert Hoover was the first president in the history of the US who refused to take the salary and donated it to charity. John F. Kennedy was another example.

Apart from false claims, he is also found to have been involved in illegal activities like driving investments toward his businesses.

A reporter questioned Donld Trump regarding the report to which he responded that he cannot comment at the moment as there’s a federal audit in process. Once the audit finishes, everything would become transparent said, Trump.

But some former IRS officials do not agree. They claim that he is not restricted by anyone and can easily show his documents.

On Monday, Trump’s campaign staff got together to answer the allegations and called this report a ‘hit piece’ before the presidential elections.

They claim that these are similar types of games that were played back in the 2016 elections. No one believed them then, no one would it now. Donald Trump’s son also defended his father and claimed that he filed millions, but did not reveal whether that was federal income tax or not.