Donald Trump has gotten a major victory in Pennsylvania

Commonwealth Court President Judge, Mary Hannah Leavitt, has given a verdict that favors Trump. She disqualified all the mail-in ballots of the residents of the state who were unable to prove their identities by Monday.

The Trump campaign has raised questions about why an unnecessary extension was granted to mail-in ballots. According to the reports, the secretary of state, Kathy Boockvar, extended the deadline for people of the state to confirm their identities.

The official notice by the judges and authorities was released later. According to the notice, the identity verification extension of the state residents by Boockvar is against the laws. Boockvar, however, mentioned that the extension notice was well with her command.

This might offer relief to Trump to a certain extent as he managed to get a verdict in his favor and proved his point. However, this move is unlikely to impact the results of the elections.

Joe Biden has around 53,000 votes lead in the major state according to the election report analysis. Recounting may not help Trump surpass Joe

According to the reports, another lawsuit was filed previously in Georgia. The state judiciary rejected the claims and dismissed them as misinformation. Certain allegations were made on the city of Savannah regarding the inclusion of lately arrived ballots into the batch of ballots that were yet to be counted.

The mail-in systems were initially started to ensure safety during the coronavirus pandemic. But the post-election reports have shown many fraud disruptions. The final presidential certification is yet to be finalized and the Trump campaign lawsuits might impact the official ruling of the Supreme Court.

There is no official and confirmed report of the disqualified ballots. Even the fraud allegations regarding the vote-counting in few states are not confirmed yet. But according to the current situation, the final victory is still lingering in between the fraud and uncounted voting upheaval. So the final victory is still undefined yet.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit for the disqualified mail-in ballots and apparently, it got approved in the state of Pennsylvania.