The Trump camp on Tuesday criticized the presumed presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s remark that considering the tight relations with the Venezuelan strong leader, Nicolás Maduro, he will reinstate Obama’s diplomatic policies with Cuba.

Ali Pardo, Deputy Communication Director of the Trump Campaign stated in a declaration that Biden will pursue Bernie Sanders’ leadership on the principles of our society, and stand with left-wing dictatorships.

On Monday, in the interview, Biden said to a national CBS station in Miami that he will go mainly back to a more transparent approach for Cuba as it was in the Obama’s administration.

Many of his predecessor’s policies that contributed to the amendment of diplomatic ties with Cuba for 50 years have been overturned by the administration of Trump. The government has reduced the number of remittances a single person in the United States can transfer to the families back in Cuba to $1,000 a quarter and limited the non-family traveling to the Country.

Trump has restricted all flights to Cuba other than to Havana, and last year the Commerce Department aimed specifically at the Tourist sector of Cuba by reducing aircraft leasing capabilities. It also claimed that the United States would extend sanctions to cover more international products made of US material.

Because of the pandemic, flights to Cuba have been closed.

Venezuela is host to the world’s most important oil deposits, was a Western economic pioneer over decades, and a significant refuge for neighboring Latin Americans as well as Colombians flying away from their poorer and more impoverished homelands, as the difference between the wealthy and the poor has been widespread.

However, Venezuela’s economy started to break down in 1999, with Hugo Chavez taking power, who’s economic and social policies initially made him fascinating for the poor and disadvantaged, but also created a system which was an unstable state spending machine. Maduro, Chávez’s replacement in 2013, has worsened the crisis and the global markets for gasoline in 2015 have plunged.