An overwhelming majority of blue states have satisfied many people, but at the same time problems are created on the other side. Trump cannot settle with the results and he is going to take unthinkable steps.

Trump has surely witnessed a defeat in most states by a large difference of votes. This is because of the chaos public has had enough of, and also because of the hopes, they have put into Biden’s government.

However, this fact is unacceptable to Trump and he has filed legal action against the voting process. He straight away claimed that votes were not counted according to the correct procedure.

Many supporters of Trump have come to the fronts to prove the unfair counting of votes. This claim ultimately shows that the results of the 2020 elections are wrong.

Trump presented the Michigan Law and said that voters were not counted according to the law. Since the law was not obeyed according to Trump, all the ballots were not reached out by the counting committee.

The Trump campaign promises to take every action to prove the elections were unfair. Besides, he said that the supporters of the Trump campaign were moved aside when they insisted on implementing the correct procedure.

This was, however, due to the ground rules that were set. According to Trump, all the ballots were not reached out and votes were not counted.

In the defense, the Director of Communications for Michigan Secretary Jake Rollow dismissed this claim and had declared it as the same misleading information that was spread during the elections.

Despite the Michigan Department of State issuing a statement, Trump’s lawsuit claims that before giving results all the ballots should be examined.