After the debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, Trump made an appearance on the show ‘Mornings with Maria’ to give his opinion on the debate.

He proceeded to call her a ‘monster’ and declared that everything she says is a lie. He also believes that Pence had the upper hand in the debate and that he ‘destroyed’ Harris.

Harris responded by calling his comments ‘childish’ whereas Biden has remarked that the president is having a hard time dealing with strong women.

Trump has a history of addressing female opponents in a demeaning way, which appeals to his voters greatly.

The leader of BlackPac has also spoken on this, explaining that his comments were extremely racist as he uses the term ‘monster’ for terrorists and murderers.

Moreover, Pence has claimed that projects to carry out hydrofracking will no longer be approved under the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. This process is done to extract oil and natural gas from shale bedrock.

He went on to explain that the aim of Biden and Harris: is to raise taxes, abolish fossil fuel production, and bury our economy in the $2 trillion Green New Deal. He is of the view that these policies will spike the unemployment rate in America.

Biden and Harris have also been reported to change their opinions on fracking, which Pence used to his advantage during the debate. Harris claimed that Biden very clearly stated that he would not end fracking, however, Harris said during a town hall by CNN that she was in favor of banning fracking.

Moreover, Biden has also been reported to say that he guarantees he will end fossil fuel production in America during a trail in New Hampshire.

Trump has commented on this, saying that both of the Democrats are lying because of their changing opinions and they will implement the ban on fracking as soon as they are elected to office.

Trump also remarked on Harris’s performance, saying that there wasn’t even a competition and that she was terrible. He also called her a ‘communist’. He has commented on Biden as well stating that he does not have the mental capability of being a president for even two months.