On October 7, a journalist from RealClearInvestigations tweeted about the Russian Hoax. He stated that the FBI and CIA not only knew about the Russian conspiracy against Trump, but were also in on it and when all the documents are declassified and all redactions removed from the report, the truth will come to light.

President Trump tweeted in response to this and announced that he has authorized to declassify all the documents concerning the Russian Hoax as well as the Clinton Email Scandal. He also proceeded to call the Russian Hoax, the greatest crime in American history.

These tweets were a result of the actions of the Director of National Intelligence who declassified the documents. They disclosed that the former director of the CIA discussed Hilary Clinton’s alleged plan with the former president Obama.

Her supposed plan was to tie Trump to a Russian hack of Democratic National Committee emails, which was meant to distract people from the fact that she was using a private email server.

President Trump also proceeded to add that all the information relating to the hoax was declassified by him long ago but the authorities responsible were too slow to act.

He did, indeed, authorize Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify the information and also instructed members of the intelligence to comply and be responsive to his probe.

Republicans from Capitol Hill have been carrying out their investigation into this scandal and have accused FBI and CIA officials of hindering the release of information related to this hoax.

The Director of National Intelligence has also clarified that this is not Russian disinformation as reported by the intelligence community. He also announced that he will shortly be disclosing the sources he used to acquire the information.