Troubles are roaring around the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his 5th aide leaves Downing Street.

One of the close government ministers has claimed that the prime minister is “taking charge” of the Downing Street operation as his close allies resign one by one in a matter of a few hours.

According to the reports Elena Narozanski, adviser to ministers Theresa May and Michael Gove quits her job in the policy unit of Downing Street.

Her dramatic exit was closely followed by the prominent figures departing from Martin Reynolds, the private principal secretary, Jack Doyle, communications director, Chief of Staff Dan Rosenfield, and the renowned Munira Mirza who has been called “Boris’s brain” repeatedly in the past.

Energy minister Greg Hands stated that “The prime minister was absolutely clear on Monday that there would be changes at the top of No 10 and that is what he has delivered.”

Insiders have revealed that the shocking resignation from Munira Mirza has stirred the controversial debate of Boris Johnson not supporting his close allies. It is also reported in the media that the prime minister is trying hard to grasp the situation and take back control of the events.

Bookmakers, a betting firm have started to fuel up the market but slashing odds of the prime minister facing a vote of confidence roll out soon as the staff comprising the no 10 team continues to disperse one after another.

Betfire, a gambling agency stated, “there is now 38 percent that the prime minister will face a leadership contest as soon as this month.”

The political pundits are predicting a vote of confidence fueling up for Boris Johnson in the coming months.

It all started when the head of policy, Munira Mirza resigned over the recent political attack on Keir Starmer. She called it “beyond the normal cut and thrust of politics.” One thing led to another and soon hardcore allies of Johnson started to leave No.10 leaving the pm in an awfully sticky situation.

The situation worsened in Boris Johnson’s camp when an independent investigation revealed that many parties were conducted at Downing Street while the United Kingdom went under one of the strictest Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and rules.

“Against the backdrop of the pandemic, when the Government was asking citizens to accept far-reaching restrictions on their lives, some of the behavior surrounding these gatherings is difficult to justify,” the report said.