One of the survivors of the Astroworld festival tragedy filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, Live Nation, and others involved in the management of the event.

According to the lawsuit, Travis Scott, who was also one of the organizers of the Astroworld festival along with entertainment firm Live Nation and Scoremore, the concert promoter; were all named as the responsible parties.

The Astroworld festival tragedy caused the death of eight people whereas numerous were injured in Houston.

Kherkher Garcia, the firm representing the injured, stated that “Manuel Souza suffered serious bodily injuries when the uncontrolled crowd at the concert knocked him to the ground and trampled him. Defendants failed to properly plan and conduct the concert in a safe manner.”

The lawsuit further stated “instead, they consciously ignored the extreme risks of harm to concertgoers, and, in some cases actively encouraged and fomented dangerous behaviors. Their gross negligence caused Plaintiff serious injuries.”

Manuel Souza has demanded “monetary relief of over $1,000,000” for the injuries and the mental trauma.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott, Scoremore, and Live Nation still have not made any comments regarding this new development of a lawsuit filed against them.

Live Nation is a famous venue operator, concert promoter and also owns Ticketmaster. According to reports, Live Nation sells more than 500 million tickets for various festivals and concerts around the year.

Live Nation released an official statement saying “Heartbroken for those lost and impacted at Astroworld last night, we will continue working to provide as much information and assistance as possible to the local authorities as they investigate the situation.”

A sold-out concert at Astroworld Festival on Friday resulted in eight deaths on the spot and various injuries. The eyewitnesses stated that the event was very traumatizing as they saw many lifeless bodies being chaotically trampled across the venue.

The survivors had to fight for their way to get out of the venue.

The concert was declared as a “mass casualty event”

Travis Scott released an official video on his Instagram after the tragedy, stating “I’m honestly just devastated, We’re actually working right now to identify the families so we can help assist them through this tough time.”