List of the largest lakes in South America

What is the largest lake in South America-Top 5 largest picks

Have you ever wondered, what is the largest lake in South America? If you aren’t aware yet, then you don’t have to worry! As out of the various lakes...
Family of Grand Princess Passenger died of coronavirus

Family of the passenger who died of Coronavirus sues carnival cruise line

The kin of the person killed from COVID-19 sued cruise lines named Carnival Cruise Line and said that the business purposely withheld the information regarding COVID-19 that travelers and...
Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus

Europe plans to reopen for summer Tourism despite Coronavirus pandemic

Since the largest playground for tourists became the epicenter for coronavirus, Europe is urgently hoping to remove sanctions to attain the tourists come back as the cash inflow is...
A travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia could be a model for the future

‘Travel Bubble’ between New Zealand and Australia, a model for the future

Australia and New Zealand share a remarkable friendship that has grown over many years based on different grounds. Both countries have succeeded to present a model in front of...
Where abandoned airplanes sit on death row

Where abandoned airplanes sit: Boneyard or Depot

Just when the cargo sector was going out of business, Covid19 caused a severe shortage of supplies all over the world. As a result, the Boeing 747 freighter left...
How cruise ships are cleaned, according to CEO of a company that sterilized Diamond Princess after the outbreak

How cruise ships are cleaned, CEO of Company That Sterilized Diamond Princess Explains

People are tired of staying at home and are now looking for safe ways to travel. However, let’s make it clear- a cruise is a risky business! So you...
TSA releases tips for traveling during the coronavirus pandemic

Tsa to assure strict measures, releases tips for traveling during the Pandemic

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has yet again issued the tips for traveling to the passengers. Flying is becoming a difficult mode of transportation as coronavirus cases are on the...
Is Virtual Travel really a thing

Is Virtual Travel really a thing?

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, many people are searching for news to find out what is going on. In any case, starting from his command post in...