Why Travel Agents Are Still in Demand

5 Reasons why Travel Agents are still in demand

When was the last time you traveled, and however did you find directions in an unknown land? Are you one of those online self-tour guides or a demander of...
Top 5 colorful destinations to visit 1

Daydreaming about a leisure trip? Consider adding 5 of these most colorful places to...

Restricted to the vicinity of our neighborhoods, confined within the boundaries of our homes, yearning to catch sight of a pleasant view – we have all been looking forward...
Cheapest Vacation Destinations in USA

Cheap places for spring break – Fun vacay destinations

Spring break is the most ideal time of the year to go on a vacation. After escaping the tough routine of winter, everyone starts searching for some cheap places...
Passenger calls flight attendant 'glorified maid,' 'mask nazi,' in derogatory note

Abusive note left to an American Airline’s flight attendant calling her ‘Glorified Maid,’

Since the coronavirus outbreak, airlines have recently started their operations again after a long break when cases had started to sky-rocket. Naturally, they have adopted strict policies like continuously...
most populated state in the united states

What is the most Populated State in the United States?

The United States of America has many amazing places worth living in. When people plan to move to America, they often wonder what state they should be calling their...
YellowStone National Park

Tourist Tumbles in Yellowstone National Park to Avoid Charging Bison

A video shared on YouTube showed a heart-stopping moment where a bison charged at two unsuspecting tourists. The video which has since been viewed over 2 million times, captured...
Disneyland Paris Reopens Following Coronavirus Closure

Disneyland Paris reopens following coronavirus closure

A big announcement for Disneyland fans; the Disneyland Paris amusement park, the leading private tourist destination in Europe, officially reopened to the public on Wednesday, July 15, after four...
TSA adds coronavirus-related measures

New Precautionary Measures Being Enforced at TSA after Whistle-Blower accuses Agency of Not doing...

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has taken the COVID-19 situation more seriously after the whistle-blower accused TSA of not taking the proper safety measures in this critical situation. Observing the...
Airport offering flights for people who want the illusion of travel

Travel in Delusion

For people who enjoy checking in the airport during their trips, an airport in Taiwan has come up with an interesting process for the avid on boarders to book...
LAX tests Thermal Cameras to detect Feverish Passengers

LAX installing thermal cameras to detect feverish passengers

As the pandemic began air travel had to be closed off by many countries across the globe. Initially, when the virus was detected in early January, it rapidly spread...