Gone are the days when trampoline jumping used to be considered a child’s play. There are various fitness trainers who are now explaining the benefits of trampoline jumping for a healthy living. But what is trampoline jumping and why you should stop following your current exercise regimen and switch to it.

Well, to begin with, it is fun. And we all deserve to have fun, right? But apart from being a fun activity, it is a cardio workout that is simpler and lighter on your joints. Trampoline jumping helps you with improving your balance, makes your heart beat faster, and enhance your cardio that is equivalent to over 30 minutes of running. And this is not something we are saying, these facts are proved in research conducted by NASA.

Trampoline jumping decreases impact by a great margin that is 40% and allows you to work out for a longer period that is good for your health. Convinced about the benefits of a trampoline workout? But before you start jumping make sure that you have a reliable trampoline. We wouldn’t want any accidents to happen, do we?

So first thing first, warm up your body. Like every other exercise, it is important to warm up your body and get in the flow before moving starting your fitness routine recommended below.

“Powerbounce” Is The Core With Alternate Lateral Reaches

Done with the warm-up? Now sit down on your trampoline and try to stand up as quickly as possible. Every time you do this, make efforts to reach your alternate arms throughout your body.

You can also contact your abs while sitting on the trampoline and lifting your legs. Make sure that your legs are not on the ground for this exercise to benefit your body. You can repeat this move thrice.

Lateral Plyo Jumps To Strengthen Your Leg Muscles

Try this move at least thrice and in order to avoid exhausting yourself make sure to rest for 10 seconds between each set. First, stand in the middle of the trampoline and lift your one foot. Then push off with the foot on the surface and land on it using your other foot. This exercise will surely help you stay fit without putting a strain on your body.

Push-Ups And Planks For Upper Body

On the trampoline, place your forearms in the middle and get to plank position. Now move towards your hands, do a push-up and get back to the plank position. Don’t forget to keep your abs engaged during this process. The same rule mentioned earlier applies here to avoid exhausting yourself. Do it three times and let your body rest for 10 seconds after every move.