A fan stated a theory about the Toy Story 3 lead character – Woody. According to the theory, Woody would act as a complicated toy who would turn disillusioned.

The story further proceeds when Andy’s toys were unintentionally taken to a daycare center, although they were supposed to be kept in his attic. The toys group got the idea that the place is under Lots-o-Huggin Bear’s supervision and he rules over all the toys.

Lots-o-Huggin Bear had a sad past. The bear was left alone in the rest shop by his owner. Later on, the bear found the girl who was his owner, expecting that he would now go back. But he found her with another bear which made him feel really bad. This particular incident changed him and how he treats every toy like they will never stay and are bound to be thrown away.

The tragic story of the Lots-o-Huggin bear and Woody was compared by the fans. They got the flashback of the bear’s story when Woody and Buzz were accidentally left by Andy at the gas station. The viewers assumed that the writers were trying to depict the image of Woody if he wouldn’t have met Andy again.

The Toy Story fans also came up with a theory that Woody would’ve turned the same as a Lots-o-Huggin bear. The only thing that kept him from being like the bear was Andy. Both the Toys had their equal share of hardships finding their kids. Woody did turn a bit hollow and sad when he thought he was about to be replaced by Buzz.

All the toys reunite in the end but then Andy has to leave for his college. So before leaving, he gives the toys to his neighbor Bonnie. Bonnie and Woody could bond and Woody always missed Andy’s presence. Due to this, Woody chose to leave Bonnie by disappearing on a family trip.

Now The Toy Story fans are waiting for the fifth part to know whether Woody and Andy will reunite or not. Fans are coming up with different theories regarding the possible twist and turn in the story.