A series of deadly tornadoes tore through central Texas and hit the north Austin region of the state, injured 23, and ‘left a path of destruction in their wake’ as reported on Tuesday.

“Several tornadoes confirmed by the National Weather Service left 23 people injured and caused widespread damage Tuesday afternoon in Central Texas north of Austin, officials said,” NBC4 Washington Tweeted.


One tornado that hit Bell Country, Texas, at roughly 6:00 in the afternoon, traveled around 7 miles on the ground and tore down several homes in the rural area, with Judge David Blackburn describing ‘not much left’.

“Trees, large trees uprooted, overturned, stripped,” Judge David Blackburn told KXAS-TV.

“Buildings really reduced to rubble in many locations. Powerlines, power poles scattered all over the place. It’s pretty devastating.”

The damaging tornado storm lifted off roofs of several homes. One person reportedly said to a news outlet that he was lucky that his house didn’t get damaged.

“THE ROOF LIFTED OFF”: Tornadoes in Texas left 23 people injured and widespread damage. One man says he was lucky he didn’t get sucked out of his damaged home,” NBC4 Washington tweeted.

As per the latest reports, 12 of those who got wounded remained hospitalized. One was in a serious condition while 11 were treated and released from the hospital, Blackburn told the media.

No death reports have been received so far.

People who were on the site shared pictures showing a ‘massive funnel cloud’ and the ‘softball-sized hail’ it produced.

“Violent storms from yesterday produced grapefruit size hail in TX!” Tweeted Fox Weather Meteorologist, Steve Bender

As of Tuesday morning, authorities issued a tornado warning 900 miles away in Iowa.

At 6:30 pm, people who witnessed the storm captured and shared ‘staggering footage’ of the tornado falling upon Gilmore City. 

No injuries or death were immediately reported, said The Des Moines Register.

The United States witnessed a record amount of tornado storms last month, as stated by the National Weather Service. Around 219 cyclones reportedly hit the country in March – twice the average for the month.

Meanwhile, Federal officials have issued alerts that warmer temperatures triggered by the climatic change will continue fueling more powerful and frequent tornadoes in the Great Plains and Southeast.