Severe tornadoes have been reported from Oklahoma City from late Sunday evening continuing the rage till Monday morning.

A series of tornadoes traveled through the Sooner State causing power outages confirmed by the state authorities.

According to the officials, there have been almost ten tornadoes that have attacked the Oklahoma states from Sunday till early Monday morning. Among them, four of the storms have been reported from the Metro area.

Several thunderstorms and tornado warnings were also issued last night. 

The deadly storm marched across the Oklahoma state with howling winds, damaging hails, and the threats of flooding.

The OG&E Outage map shows that more than 11,232 people were affected by the severe storm till Sunday 10 p.m. OG&E released the following announcements last night:

‘Sunday night’s high winds and severe storms continue to move through OG&E’s service area in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. As of 9:30 p.m., outages in the Oklahoma City metro continue to decline, and our crews will be working overnight to restore power as quickly and safely as possible’.

Chuck Hodges, Senior metrologist in Tulsa with National Weather Service stated that the extreme weather conditions in the Southern Plain are not something unusual. But the Sunday tornadoes have made him think the other way saying ‘it was kind of more of a spring setup’.

An expected tornado that hit a high school, gas station, homes, news outlets in the Tulsa suburbs caused significant damages. For the same reason classes for Monday at Coweta Public Schools were canceled.

Moreover, in the south of Oklahoma City, baseball-sized hails dented the cars and shattered the window mirrors in Norman with a speed of 20 miles/hour.

Fortunately, there were no deaths reported from the heavy horrific tornadoes.

The teams are working to restore the power outrage and gas in Oklahoma City, said the officials in a statement.

For the latest position and the severity of the tornado, check the map.

As the dreadful tornado continues to swipe away the peace of the city, more tornadoes are expected to hit some parts of Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the Storm Prediction Center predicted.

They also are expecting another round of tornadoes on Tuesday at Oklahoma City and Kansas.