The late producer, Aaron Spelling’s daughter, Tori Spelling, who got her breakthrough on the ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, opened up about the criticism she received since she was 16.

Being the daughter of a famous producer, Spelling is no stranger to the spotlight.

The 48-year-old Hollywood actress earned her name in the entertainment industry with her hits like “Beverly Hills, 90210” however, she got her big break as Donna Martin in the 1990’s TV show.

The diverse nature artist is also known for her performances in “Scary Movie 2,” “The House of Yes” and “Trick”.

However, unfortunately, fame comes at a price. During an interview with Fox News Digital, the mom of five revealed how she deals with criticism and online trolls.

“I’ve been getting that since I was 16 since my career started, so, you know, I have pretty thick skin at this point,” said Tori Spelling during her interview.

“It’s hard to deal with,” the actress added. “I think at this point, I try not to read the negative comments, but I’m human. So, you know, sometimes I fall down that rabbit hole, but it’s just about letting it go and being like, ‘You know, it’s not about me. Ultimately, it’s about them and how they feel.'”

“They need it to tear people down.”

Spelling further told that “shockingly, the negative comments mostly come from women, and sometimes moms.”

“We talk so much about, you know, women support women, women build each other up, we got to be there for each other,” said Spelling to Fox News. “And when you see another female doing it to you, and especially a lot of them, they’re moms, and they’ll be shaming your kid.”

“It’s just mind-boggling to me to see that.”

However, never has she ever wasted her time and energy on trolls. Instead, she focuses on her beautiful family to whom she values the most.

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