Technology is the new norm and now it is impossible to operate without gadgets like smartphones and laptops.

An annoying thing is when you have to ask yourself, ‘ Why my laptop is so slow,’ all the time while working on it

The best way to solve a problem is to first get to its root, here is a list of a few reasons for a slow running laptop:

  1. Outdated hard drive

Most laptops get slow because they are old and their standard hard drive gets outdated. The best way to give your laptop a new life is by replacing that spinning hard drive with an SSD.

An SSD stands for a solid-state drive and it is a very good alternative for you to get your laptop back on track. It is faster and more efficient. If you have a MacBook Pro, here is the link to replacing its hard drive.

  1. Too many files in your Hard Drive

The more the data inside your drive, the more mess it creates. A hard drive that has a lot of data in it makes it more difficult for it to locate requested files. This eventually slows down your laptop which is not preferable.

But luckily articles such as these exist to come to your rescue. A very obvious solution for this is to remove unwanted files and unused applications.

To achieve this, all you have to do is open the Control Panel and find the option “Uninstall a program”. You can use this option to delete whatever files are unwanted.

For a MacBook, you will need to install an uninstaller application such as AppZapper or AppCleaner. Apart from this, it is advisable to also delete installer packages from the “Downloads” folder.

  1. More RAM can save you!

A hard drive or an SSD might not be as efficient in locating files as much as a good RAM. This is because as files increase in number, fetching them takes up more time.

So to improve your laptop’s sluggish performance, add more and more RAM for increased storage space. The important step is to assess the number of memory slots available on your computer.

Then you will need to find the type and amount of RAM for your laptop.

  1. Give the cooling fans a rest!

What people mostly do is that they open up a lot of tabs and applications at once. Multitasking causes your laptop to get tired as there is too much to process simultaneously.

Hence, it is a good idea to steer clear of cluttering your computer with too many active tabs or applications.

  1. Updates help fasten performance

Sometimes the reason behind your laptop’s slow performance is that it needs an update. It is always a better option to make sure you install newer compatible versions.

This will not only provide better features but also faster performance.

These, cannot always be the only reasons behind slow performance and you might need to get it checked.