Halloween is one of the most loved festivals in America. People wait all around the year for Halloween and make special arrangements to celebrate the festival which takes place on 31st October every year.

Due to the pandemic, this family festival has suffered a lot and the spirit has lost somewhere while combating the coronavirus pandemic. We have come up with the top 10 Halloween jokes to lift the festivity spirit and let you remember what the festival is all about. Sharing some of the funniest Halloween jokes for teens, family, and friends to rejuvenate the holiday spirit.

Have a look at these top 10 Halloween jokes which are incorporated with your favorite Halloween characters like ghosts, witches, skeletons, and werewolves.

Top 10 Halloween Jokes

Knock, Knock…

Who’s there?


Witch who?

That witch who will get the most of your Halloween candies.

  • How to guess if a vampire has visited a bakery? All the jelly will be gone from the jelly doughnuts for sure!
  • What is that one Halloween candy that is best to be given to the trick-or-treaters so that they think that you are a rich man? A 1000 grand candy that will last forever.
  • Who is the most favorite historical ruler in history who loved skeletons? Nobody else by Napoleon Bone-a-part.
  • Have you heard about the helicopter that crashed into the Cemetery 3 days ago? The rescue workers and searchers have recovered more than 100 bodies up till now and it is expected that the number will climb as the rescue work continues.
  • The maker of this particular product never intends to use it, the buyer does not buy for himself and the user never sees it, what is it? It’s a coffin.
  • Why are ghosts known to be the best cheerleaders? Well because they are full of spirit!
  • Why did the werewolf immediately run towards the dressing room when he saw the full moon out in the sky? He needed to change ASAP!
  • Why do skeletons appear to be so poised and calm? Because nothing can get under their skin to disrupt their peace.
  • Whose laughter “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” can move the room with its gigantic sound but echos in the end? A monster who is laughing his head off!

As Halloween is a family festival and every member gets involved readily. We have compiled Halloween dad jokes for you to have a good laugh with your family and friends:

  1. Why do ghouls and demons love to hang out together? The mere reason is that ghouls are demons’ best friends!
  2. What did the mother ghost tell the baby ghost while they are out in the night driving down a street? Buckle up that sheet belt of yours!
  3. How do fishermen celebrate their Halloween? By going out for trick or trout.
  4. Why did a skeleton go up all the way up on a tree to save his life? Because a ferocious dog was running after him for his bones.
  5. Why is baseball considered the favorite game of vampires? Vampires love baseball because they turn themselves into bats every night.
  6. Why was a skeleton not invited to a prom party? Because there was no body to go along with.
  7. Why did a baby try to wrap the cloth strips around itself? Because he wanted to look like his mummy.
  8. Everyone is at the Halloween party except for the coffee bean. Where is he? Why didn’t he come to the Halloween party? He couldn’t make it to the Halloween party because he is grounded.
  9. Why are vampires afraid of attacking Taylor swift? Because she is possessed and has a love story with bad blood.
  10. 20. What is the favorite makeup article of the female ghosts or what is one thing without which the makeup of female ghosts is considered incomplete? The vanishing cream.

Teenage is an age when the individuals are not considered an adult and definitely can’t relate with the children. They often feel left out. We have compiled a list of Halloween jokes for teens to lift their spirits and make them enjoy this family festival as much as they should.

Halloween Jokes for Teens

  • What is the best place for a Dracula to keep his saved money? A blood bank.
  • What to do when you are locked inside a Cemetery on a cold and dark night? Very easy – use a skeleton key in order to unlock the gates of the Cemetery.
  • When a Dracula revamps his house and arranges his furniture with his teeth, what is it called? Fang-Shui
  • What would you like to call an evil and a cold candle? The wicked wick of the west.
  • What is the perfect title for a skeleton that sits idle all day long? A lazy bone.


We have compiled some of the best Halloween jokes which will make you laugh almost immediately. Select the one that you love the most and share it with your friend’s family or loved ones and boost up the festivity spirit which is mandatory for this family festival.