Astrology, signs, cosmic activity – do these words trigger your curiosity? Then you would love to read about what are the top 5 best zodiac signs officially? And did your zodiac sign make the cut or not?

12 signs rule the world – 12 signs which determine the personality attributes of a person depending upon the ruling element of the zodiac sign. There are four elements that determine the personality of the person having the said sign. The elements are water, fire, air, and earth!

As we all know that these elements affect the zodiacs under them and people do have the characteristics of these elements in their personality while some have them in reserve form which seldom comes out and outshine.

All signs are good and possess their own unique characteristics. They all have a deep insight and astrological study behind them. Let’s understand the uniqueness of zodiac signs before diving deep into finding out which are the best amongst them.

What are Zodiac Signs?

Zodiac signs are also known as astrological signs and are originally based on Babylonian Greek astrology. The concept of zodiacs was later on amalgamated with celestial beliefs and objects along with human behavioral traits.

12 zodiac signs ruled the calendar. Your birth date determines your zodiac sign. Every sign comprises unique characteristics – both negative and positive. The study of zodiac signs can reveal the weaknesses, strengths, and personality of the person.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 best zodiac signs which are supposedly the best amongst the rest and are ruling the zodiac world. Have a look at whether your sign made it to the list or not?

Top 5 Best Zodiac Signs of the World

Zodiac Sign #1: Leo

Leo unanimously tops the chart! The best zodiac sign of the world award goes to Leo.

People born during the time of 23rd July and 22nd August are Leo according to the zodiac methodology. 

Leos are termed as fascinating people. Leo is ruled by the fire element.

Surprisingly, the people who changed the history of the world were Leos. One of the main reasons is that they are born leaders.

Although, Leos are often termed as self-centered, lazy, and arrogant but positive traits that they possess cover-up for their negative traits.

Leos are very creative. They are passionate about their interests and try to complete what they start and inspire everybody with their positivity and good spirits.

Leos become the center of attention almost instantly thanks to their high spirits. They know how to make a party rolling, they can be relied upon.

Leo has all the qualities which make them respond to a calamity with patience and control over nerves. They can always be relied upon and are considered the go-to person by their friends for sane advice and a shoulder to rely upon.

Leo is so far the best zodiac sign and time has proven it many times.

Zodiac Sign #2: Sagittarius

The runner-up in this list with the smallest margin is Sagittarius. Another zodiac sign is ruled by the fire element. Sagittarius possesses all the qualities and attributes of a fire sign.

People born between the dates of 22nd November and 21st December have the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Sagittarians are known to be spiritually elated people. They are completely extroverted and tend to say whatever they have on their mind in the face of the other person. One of the major attributes that go both in their favor and against is their love to travel.

Sagittarians are vagabond by nature. The love of traveling makes them restless and they cannot stay in one place for long. The adventure quotient is so high that the minute they think life has gone static, they tend to intertwine and move away from that location.

Sagittarius is one of the few zodiac signs who are known for their sense of humor. They make the public go wild with their jokes and b because of their extrovert nature and extensive travel, they can make friends very easily and almost with everybody.

The negative trait which caused Sagittarius to be a runner up to Leo is that their negative trait such as laziness and sluggishness may overcome their power to complete the task. The laziness can be so overpowering that they can stay days in bed hibernating if they are not in a mood.

Sagittarians qualify as best of friends and they know how to keep a secret. Being a fire sign, they can be feisty and fiery but nonetheless knows how to control their temper.

The second-best zodiac sign of the world award goes to Sagittarius – rightly given.

Zodiac Sign #3: Libra

Did you notice the balance sign of this zodiac sign? Well, that pretty much sums up this zodiac sign.

The art of balancing makes Libra come in the list of top 5 zodiac signs.

People born between the dates of 23rd September and 22nd October are Libra. Planet Venus rules this star and they are very compatible with fellow Arians and Sagittarians.

Libras are said to seldomly get angry. They are the problem-solvers of any group. They are not known to be expressive but they do know how to balance relationships, hobbies, and daily life chores.

The negative attribute of Libra is that it is very hard to read them as they are introverts by nature. They do not open up easily and do not give out what is churning in their head. Another quality that is common amongst all the Libras is that they take their own sweet time to open up. It will take some time for them to open up and talk about themselves.

The mystery revolving around them makes them appear lucid and attractive.

Libras are easygoing people who like to go with the flow unless and until something triggers them to an extent that it becomes next to impossible to comprehend.

Libras are amazing in bed so definitely they steal the show for the best zodiac sign to date!

Zodiac Sign #4: Aries

Another fire element zodiac sign. Aries is one of the toughest zodiac signs on the block.

People born between 21st March and 19th April are said to have Aries as their zodiac sign.

It is often said that if you have one friend and that is an Aries – then you don’t need anyone else. They can be equal to an entire universe. 

Aries people are very impulsive in nature. They strongly believe in their gut feeling and tend to react immediately depending upon the gut feeling they get regarding certain things. At times they have to pay a heavy price for the consequences that follow after their impulsive reactions.

One of the most adversely well-versed star signs. Aries love to read and absorb all the information available out there. They are well versed and outclass you in an argument of their favorite topic.

Aries are honest – they are honest in their opinions, in their jobs, and are hardworking people who do not like drama and try to stay within themselves and the small circle they possess.

Aries are very enthusiastic about life. Their approach to life is optimistic and are said to spread positivity wherever they are,

One of the biggest positive attributes of Aries people is that they are very organized and work hard to achieve their goals. They do not believe in shortcuts and try to bring happiness around them with passion.

The negative trait which can be worrisome at times is their temper. It is very hard for them to hold their temper if offended to the core. They forget everything and just blast out which might put a dent in their relationship.

Regardless of the hot temper issue, all the positive attributes make Aries one of the top 5 zodiac signs of the world.

Zodiac Sign #5: Pisces

Pisces made it to the cut and is one of the 5 best zodiac signs in the world. Pisces is ruled by the water element, and trust us it has all the attributes of water.

The figurative depiction of Pisces is of 2 fish in opposite directions. This is exactly what people born under the zodiac sign of Pisces feel – mind-boggling in two different directions!

One of the most negative attributes associated with Pisceans is that they are indecisive, they cannot come to a conclusion with the help of a trusted friend or a family member. They always need reassurance that whatever decision they made, it was the right decision but regardless of countless assurances, Pisceans keep on thinking about the decision that they made and the outcome associated with it.

Pisceans are passionate people. They are extremely loyal and can risk themselves in order to protect their loved ones.

They are soft and mellow by nature and do not like to fight. They like resolving issues and want everything to be serene and joyous in their surroundings. They do not have a high adrenaline drive and tend to stay calm, basically, they want to lead a drama-free life.


These are the top 5 best zodiac signs of the world. It was difficult to select from the 12 zodiac signs as every sign possesses its own unique set of qualities and traits. But this list was unanimously approved by astrologers across the globe. 

So, did your zodiac sign make the cut? Let us know in the comments!