Do you want to see your name among millionaires by the time you touch thirty? If that is the case, then follow these pro tips by millionaires and move forward to reach your goal.

Living in America gives you the advantage to earn as much as you can. Being in a free market economy, you can make your fortune without being accountable for anything. The world is open for you, become a money-making machine in no time, and put all your financial worries to rest.

Earn, Earn and Earn

Money attracts money, if you are in your twenties right now, your focus must be to earn as much as you can. Try to increase your income over time. If you are starting on a $1,000 salary per month, aim to increase it to $8,000 to $10,000 in the next few years to come.

Don’t Rely on one source of income

According to Thomas C. Corley’s five years study on self-made millionaires, around 65% had three sources of income, 45% had four income sources and 29% had more than five or at least five sources of wealth.

You can create multiple sources of income by investing your money into real estate, stock market, part-ownership, etc.

Change your Mindset

A self-made millionaire, Steve Siebold believes getting rich is all about mindset. If you focus on making money, rather than pity, chances are you will accomplish your goal. Mindset is what differentiates a millionaire from a normal person. The normal population believes they can’t make fortune, but a millionaire knows s/he can make money and thus achieves success.

Stop Living on Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck can pay for your bills and necessities, but it can never make you rich. Most millionaires today left their jobs and became self-employed. Therefore, stop spending your life with financial mediocrity; instead, use the smartest and fastest way to become rich.

Set Your Targets and Aim for them

Every success story starts with a goal. If you want to become rich, you must have a clear goal in your mind. Moreover, you must also have the road to your success planned before you start acting upon it. T. Harv Eker, a self-made millionaire, believes people may have short-term goals and a clear vision, but what keeps them away from wealth is, they don’t know what they want in the long term. Therefore, they remain backward in the race of becoming a millionaire.