In this busy world, a person rarely gets time to focus on health. But we have very limited time to spent on Earth and as we grow our health issues also increase with us – especially if we are not maintaining a healthy routine. Therefore, everyone needs to update themselves with health trends. There are several magazines on health and wellness, which can guide you through a perfect goal-oriented routine.

So, let’s have a look at the top 5 magazines that have talked about fitness, weight loss, nutrition and many similar subjects.

  1. Men’s Health Magazine

As the name implies, this is a monthly magazine discussing men’s health and fitness topics. The magazine has 35 editions published in 59 different countries including Australia, France and Mexico. Also, it has a digital version which is categorized into diverse subsections comprising of fitness, entertainment and diet.

In short, the men’s health magazine provides you with a profound awareness relating to fashion, health, fitness, eating healthy, relationships, technology and sex.

The various sections in the magazine include:

  • Useful stuff
  • Ask men’s heath
  • Bulletin
  • Jimmy the bartender
  1. Prevention Magazine

Published by the Rodale Press in the 1950s, this is one of the major leading and foremost fitness magazines around the globe. Prevention was the first magazine to highlight the importance of fresh food over processed food.

It offers various tips and techniques on how to stay healthy and balance your diet. The magazine also focuses on other areas like beauty, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

  1. Women’s Health Magazine

You must have guessed what and whom this magazine may be for. Yes, it provides diet and workout plans specifically for women. The magazine by Rodale started in 2005. It provides healthy and nutritious recipes, exercise and weight loss guides, love and beauty advices.

In 2009, the magazine won the title “Magazine of the Year” from the Advertising age, and in 2011 it received the “National Magazine Award.”

  1. Total Health Magazine

Just as the name suggests, this magazine covers almost all topics related to health including a person’s mental health which is the most important factor for a person’s wellbeing as it affects everything. The articles that are published in this magazine include different and effective ways to fight diseases ranging from cardiovascular diseases, public health issues, or boosting your immune system. If you want to stay healthy and looking for a publication that provides such information, this magazine is the one you should subscribe to.

  1. Muscles And Fitness Magazine

Basically this magazine acts like a fitness trainer as it focuses on muscle exercises, body building, fitness suggestions, and lifestyle improvements.

The magazine also includes a complete workout and diet plan, problems related to fat burn and nutrition, and CrossFit workouts. Hence, it can be beneficial for the professional body builders, athletes, wrestlers and also for the individual engaged in any sport activities.

So, these were the top five magazines containing adequate information, guides, tips and suggestions regarding health, fitness and wellness. Anyone serious about their health be it male or female can easily improve their quality of life by following the tips mentioned by the experts in these magazines.