For quite a long time, Actor Tommy Dorfman has been updating her fans about her body transition process. However, on Thursday, she finally reveals the big truth via a heartfelt Instagram post.

The “13 Reasons Why” fame actor shared a post stating:

“I’ve made a medical transition and so today I’ve reintroduced myself as a woman. Coming out is perceived as this grand surprise, but I was always out.”

Moreover, the actor specified her Instagram handle as a diaristic time capsule – one that reveals the survival of the body in a fluid space.”

Talking about her story with Torrey Peters, the author of Destransition Baby, the actor revealed that she was too intimidated by the idea of changing gender, but the process has been overwhelming and thus she decided to record her transition to empower those who are afraid and intimidated by the idea. 

While revealing her story, she made a revelation that whenever she used to lay in bed and thought about her being in her sixties, she could only imagine herself as a woman.

When asked about how she will be moving forward in her career, Tony replied that her career has just begun and she is down to essaying the roles of male characters as well. Moreover, she also said that her transition is a big move, but not everything about her as a person is changing. For example, her name. Tonny revealed that her name was kept on the name of her deceased uncle, who passed away one month after her birth and she feels very attached to the name.

All in all, the world has seen Tony as a handsome hunk to date, but now another journey of her life is beginning and she is very much looking forward to it along with her fans.