Tom Holland and Zendaya’s romance ‘Really built on close friendship.’

Ever since they made their debut together, the lead actors of Spiderman have been serving “big prom energy” and continue being the most sizzling couple of Gen Z.

The 25-year-old stars kept the fans speculating about their secret relationship after showing electric onscreen chemistry in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The same year, a source confirmed to the news outlets that the young stars were dating. Later next year, the couple sparked dating rumors after they were captured kissing in the car.

“Zendaya and Tom Holland Share a Passionate Kiss in a Car Years After Denying Romance,” People Tweeted.

As of now, Zendaya and Tom Holland are considered one of the high-profile couples in the entertainment industry that astrologer Aliza Kelly believes is built on close friendship.

“I would suspect that in a way this relationship is really built on close friendship,” said Kelly during the latest episode of People TV’s Celebrity Astrology Investigation. “It seems this couple is really showing younger generations that growing up, you can have a loving, supportive partnership with your BFF.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship seem as it has always been felt even more real when Kelly noted that Zendaya is a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Aquarius Rising, while Tom Holland is a Gemini Sun. Both the stars are ruled by mercury, which is called the planet of communication. It “indicates how important communication, honesty, transparency, dialogue is for their relationship.”

“Zendaya’s Mercury is located in the sign of Libra and Tom’s Mercury is in Taurus, which are both governed by the planet Venus, which represents love and values,” said Kelly. “In other words, there is this beautiful flow between their likes and dislikes, what they care about, what they don’t care about, and how their unique dynamic together supports both their intellectual and romantic interests.”

The hottest couple’s star charts further say that their respective stars’ suns are absolutely 90-degrees apart. “They really, really activate each other,” Kelly translates.

“The Sun represents ego and identity and sense of self, and Virgo — the second Earth Sign of the Zodiac — is defined by its incredible discernment,” said the astrologer. “It’s really good at categorizing and clarifying, and it wants to make practical, logical improvements in all areas of life.”

Contrastingly, Kelly said, Geminis are dynamic, curious, and energetically inspired. “In order for them to explore all the things that ignite their passions, they would quite literally need to clone themselves,” she added.

 “In order for them to explore all the things that ignite their passions, they would quite literally need to clone themselves,”