There’s a specific reason this week for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to celebrate, they’re both Greek citizens now.

The news was confirmed by an Instagram post made by the Prime Minister of Greece where the couple is excitedly showing off their new passports.

Already having Greek ethnicity, Rita Wilson shared background of Greek orthodoxy with Tom Hanks. Every year they go to Greece for vacation and it was about time that the family claim citizenship. In a way, they both have embraced their Greek culture.

Last year, the couple along with their family have been honored with the citizenship of Greece — after officials emphasized and praised Hanks’ part in raising awareness of the fires in 2018 that ravaged areas around Athens and killed around 100 people.

Greek Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos mentioned in a statement in December that Tom Hanks has shown genuine interest and has been very compassionate towards the victims of the fire in Mati. He also used his social position as a celebrity to raise awareness about the incident.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks also spent their holidays in Greece, where they still own their house on Antiparos Island.

Many films produced by both Tom and Rita were based on Greek culture and never feared expressing their appreciation of the country and its people.

In an interview with the media at the 2020 Golden Globes, Tom shared that he has been Hellenic for the past 32 years. He further continued to admire and express his appreciation for Greece and its unmatchable beauty, saying that no other place can top Greece for him. He also mentioned how the natural beauty of Greece works as a healing place for him.