Tom Felton, “Harry Potter” actor, collapses during a Ruder Cup match in Wisconsin.

On Thursday, the British actor, Tom Felton, famously known for his work in the Harry Potter series, was admitted to a hospital after he collapsed at the Ryder Cup golf match.

The Associated Press reported that, while playing at the celebrity tournament, Tom Felton went down, at the eighteenth hole in Sheboygan’s golf course, Whistling Straits.

Reports suggest that Tom Felton was playing a warmup match for the European celebrity team before finally appearing in the match, which pitted Europe against United State’s golf pros.

Photos that the media received depict Tom Felton being helped by a person and transported on a golf cart.

Since then, no updates for Tom Falcon’s medical condition have been received.

The incident happened after the Hollywood star drank on his 34th birthday.

“33 years done – good lord it’s been so much fun getting here,” Tom Felton wrote on Twitter, even though he doesn’t seem like a pro at maths, “yet, somehow, I still feel the best is yet to come – thank you for your love, support & sense of humor – let’s keep a good thing going – to the next 33 xx.”

Tom Felton, who is famous for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, suffered an alleged medical emergency after the golf game at Whistling Straits, which is expected to be played this weekend between Europe and the United States.

America’s PGA said in a statement, “In today’s Ryder Cup Celebrity Match, actor and musician Tom Felton experienced a medical incident on the course while participating for Europe. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment. No further details are available.”

The collapse happened when Felton was playing a one-on-one match with teammate Teemu Selanne, the former ice hockey player.